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Tai'an Jingxing New Material Co., Ltd. focuses on the research and development and promotion of related technologies in fiber composite materials and glass-ceramics industries, as well as equipment integration, process optimization, market promotion, and other businesses, and provides complete fiber and composite material solutions to special fiber industries at home and abroad.

Since its establishment, the company has provided equipment integration and technical services to many domestic and foreign ...


Products and Solutions

Production Line EPC Engineering

New and old production lines can be designed and renovated based on production capacity, product variety, production pace, factory layout, production organization, logistics form, etc., seamlessly connecting with existing automated logistics lines; And develop a centralized data management platform based on the requirements of ERP and WCS systems.

We can provide comprehensive technical services such as on-line chopping, off-line chopping, winding area unloading, film wrapping packaging and winding production line planning and design, full line equipment manufacturing and delivery, on-site installation, on-line debugging, process debugging, employee training, etc.

Online short cutting

Main introduction:Double head on-line chopping machine, belt conveyor, roller granulator, vibrating fluidized bed, natural gas hot air system, cold air system, cyclone water mist dust removal system, finished product screen, climbing belt conveyor, ton bag packaging machine, iron removal device, and process device.

Off-line chopping production line

1.Intelligent centralized control of single line equipment, one click start stop;
Centralized query and modification of process and production parameters;
Centralized management of multi-line equipment, capacity statistics, and energy quality management.

Winding area unloading

Applicable products: Direct yarn,Ply yarn,Electronic yarn
Applicable space: The center distance of the bushing is>9.5m, and the net height of the workshop is>2.7m

Direct yarn wrapped film palletizing

The direct yarn wrapping film stacking production line can achieve functions such as automatic yarn picking, outer diameter measurement, end side positioning, film pulling, film rolling, transplanting, rewinding, bottom tapping.....

Suitable for products: drying direct yarn
Wrapping film material: sticky film, thermal shrinkage film
Main functions: automatic yarn retrieval, fixed length film wrapping, transplanting and rewinding, bottom flipping, conveying and pull out the cylinder, number measurement and labeling, pallet stacking, and whole pallet film wrapping.

Automatic winding production line

The automatic winding production line can achieve functions such as automatic yarn filling, monitoring of yarn cake shelling and yarn breakage, monitoring of fluff, automatic adjustment of fixed length correction values, automatic head changing and loading, fixation of inner and outer yarn heads, automatic dust removal, tension closed-loop adjustment, automatic film wrapping of silk cakes, stacking and wrapping of films, production capacity and quality management, shift management, equipment status management, and remote batch modification of process parameters.