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Automatic winding production line

Main introduction:

The automatic winding production line can achieve functions such as automatic yarn filling, monitoring of yarn cake shelling and yarn breakage, monitoring of fluff, automatic adjustment of fixed length correction values, automatic head changing and loading, fixation of inner and outer yarn heads, automatic dust removal, tension closed-loop adjustment, automatic film wrapping of silk cakes, stacking and wrapping of films, production capacity and quality management, shift management, equipment status management, and remote batch modification of process parameters.

By comprehensively improving the level of automation and the continuity of process operations, only a small number of inspection personnel are needed to complete the work of yarn pulling, finding and joining two yarns together, which can reduce the number of operators by 2/3. In addition, it can shorten the layout of the production line and improve the utilization rate of the factory.

Main equipment: temporary yarn storage frame, yarn filling manipulator, double position yarn frame, yarn cake shelling and yarn breakage monitoring device, fluff monitoring device, yarn guide frame and guide wheel, fully automatic winding machine, film winding and unloading manipulator, heat setting machine, labeling machine or inkjet printer, whole belt conveyor, stacking manipulator, tray film winding machine, etc.