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On-line chopping production line

Product classification: On-line chopping
Product description

1. Intelligent centralized control of single line equipment, one click to start and stop;

2. Centralized query and modification of process and production parameters;

3. Centralized management of multi-line equipment, capacity statistics, and energy quality management.

Boundry dimension(mm)1750*2000 (Material Groove 2400)*1800
Weight(kg)1750*2000(Material Groove 400)*1800
Cutter roller rated speed(r/min)2400
Rated line speed(m/min)2000
Cutter roller specifications  (mm)Φ270*90
Cut-off length (mm)3/4.5/6/9/12
Start waymanual traction, automatic boarding
Working moderemote/local/maintenance
Number of traction bushings10-12
Installed power(kW)25
Power supply380VAC  50HZ
Rotary diameter(mm)2600
Cutter head maximum rotate speed(r/min)3500
Maximum line speed(m/min)3000
Rubber roller specifications (mm)Φ500*80
Type of fiberGlass fiber/basalt
Filtering mechanism:Filters/Cutter heads
Switch the surface time<2min
Maximum capacity30t/day (Calculation of bushing flow rate of 125kg)