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Fully automatic winding machine

Product classification: Automatic winding production line
Product description

Adopting a dual head automatic cylinder changing structure, the main functions are:

Full cylinder self-stop, automatic head change;

Clip yarn and broken yarn function, auto-starter;

No machine head yarn and tail yarn;

Automatic yarn cutting and ending;

Fix the position of the inner and outer layer yarn heads

Detected shelling, broken yarn, or fluff, the machine will automatically stop;

Detachment, self stop;

Electronic tensioner, automatic closed-loop adjustment of tension;

Stable aerodynamic lateral pressure;

Automatic length and diameter setting function - Real time measurement of winding length and outer diameter of yarn cake, and independent adjustment of winding length;

Memory function, automatically completes winding operation after resuming startup;

Remote mode, local mode, automatic mode, manual mode, and maintenance mode;

Configure an automatic lubrication system and add lubricating grease in a timely and quantitative manner;

The centralized management platform for winding machines - allows remote batch modification of process parameters; The production and quality control function can achieve capacity statistics and adjust parameters independently.