research and development
Research and development
  • Machine Vision Application Solutions
  • Non-standard customization and development
  • Machine vision monitoring of yarn breakage in bushings

    Customized development of high-temperature and moisture-proof dedicated high-definition cameras;

    Automatic development of image processors;

    Adopting genetic algorithms for autonomous learning;

    Independent packaging of cameras and processors;

    Plug and play, fast networking;

    Centralized management platform, communicating with winding machine and DCS, capable of controlling sizing applicator.

  • Online quality inspection of thermoplastic chopping yarn

    Timing automatic sampling;

    Automatic dispersion;

    Visual inspection of chopping yarn length and loose yarn;

    Statistical analysis of short cut quality;

    Automatically generate reports;

    Yarn sample automatic recycling.

  • Multi splitting and multi pull forced splitting device for ply yarn;

    Aluminum profile frame, weight<25kg, easy to install;

    Equipped with functions of lifting, tilting, telescoping, and reciprocating;

    Switching heads can stop at any position;

    Convenient adjustment of process position;

    Reduce wire drawing operation time and improve safety;

    Reduce the tension of head changing and improve the stability of operation;

    Reliable operation and maintenance free.

Submerged AGV
Submerge at the bottom of the yarn cart, lifted and transported, with a small turning radius and narrow channel size.
Distributed centralized management platform
The distributed centralized management platform achieves centralized management of multiple equipment such as wire drawing machines, winding machines, and unloading robots through communication with a single PLC. It completes equipment status management, process parameter management, real-time data monitoring, team production capacity statistics, maintenance management, and achieves browsing and querying on the Web and mobile end.