Products and Solutions
On-line chopping

Main introduction:

Double head on-line chopping machine, belt conveyor, roller granulator, vibrating fluidized bed, natural gas hot air system, cold air system, cyclone water mist dust removal system, finished product screen, climbing belt conveyor, ton bag packaging machine, iron removal device, and process device.

Main products: thermoplastic chopping yarn, water chopped yarn.

Suitable working conditions: single product, stable output;

Number of bushings: 8-10 pieces;

Hourly production capacity: 1-1.5t;

 Energy consumption per ton of yarn: natural gas 45-60m ³; 

Electric energy 60-70 degrees Celsius.


Low equipment investment;

High yield and low waste silk;

Less logistics and labor;

Low comprehensive energy consumption and continuous production.


High stability requirements for wire drawing;

Poor adaptability of products and output;