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Cyclone water mist dust removal system

Product classification: Off-line chopping production line
Product description

Adopting a graded dust removal scheme (cyclone+water mist), it can be maintained without stopping the machine, and there is no consumption of dust removal consumables;

After the fibers on the bed of the vibrating fluidized bed are extracted, they enter the cyclone and roll into large clusters, which are discharged from the bottom ash cleaner. This ring can save energy and remove about 80% of the fibers;

The water mist dust collector is arranged with segmented air chambers and water mist nozzles, and the filaments settles to the discharge port after adhering to water mist.

After the centrifugal separator separates the fibers and water, the fibers are collected in a centralized manner, and the water enters the sedimentation tank for recycling;

Customized design based on constant energy and distribution.