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Direct yarn wrapping film stacking

Main introduction:

The direct yarn wrapping film stacking production line can achieve functions such as automatic yarn picking, outer diameter measurement, end side positioning, film pulling, film rolling, transplanting, rewinding, bottom tapping, flipping, belt conveying, heat shrinkage shaping (if needed), manual sleeve numbering, automatic labeling, line up and stacking, tray wrapping film, production capacity and quality management, shift management, equipment status management, and remote modification of process parameters.

Suitable for products: drying direct yarn

Wrapping film material: sticky film, thermal shrinkage film

Main functions: automatic yarn retrieval, fixed length film wrapping, transplanting and rewinding, bottom flipping, conveying and pull out the cylinder, number measurement and labeling, pallet stacking, and whole pallet film wrapping.

Wrapping rhythm: 10-12 S/piece

Customized development of specialized film wrapping machines that can automatically adapt to different sizes of yarns and semi-automatic adaptation to different products.

Main equipment: turntable, yarn picking robot, wrapping machine, flipping and lifting mechanism, pull out cylinder and number measurement station, labeling machine, heat shrink machine, whole belt conveyor, stacking robot, angle protection wrapping machine, etc.